Hey I'm Josh, a tech entrepreneur based in 🇬🇧 London but originally from the sunny south-coast town of Portsmouth.

Technology's ability to help us solve problems 🚀 previously thought unsolvable, explore the limits of the universe, and increase our shared quality of life fascinates me. Used in the right way, technology is an awesome force for good.

All of us are inherently creative, but not everyone has had a chance to discover their creativity. My passion lies in 🤖 automating those aspects of work that are routine, repetitive and unnecessary for creative individuals to perform, so that more of us might discover our inner creativity. 🧠

In my life as a polyglot software engineer 💻 I've worked with countless technologies and tools, from my early days with BASIC and PHP, to JavaScript and Node.js, Rust, Go, Java, Ruby, C++ and others.

I'm also a passionate believer in protecting the 🌍 environment. The fact is, climate change is happening and we are responsible for protecting life on this planet and finding a balanced solution that works for us all.

I am...

  • an optimist 🤩
  • a futurist 🚀
  • a technologist 🧬
  • a humanist 👁
  • a skier 🎿
  • a software engineer 👨‍💻
  • an atheist 🔭 - why?
  • a free market capitalist 📈
  • a supporter of Universal Basic Income 💸
  • a tea lover 🍵
  • a coffee lover ☕️
  • an animal lover 🦖
  • a blogger ✍️
  • a weightlifter 🏋️‍
  • an ENTJ-T personality 🧠 - what?

"Press forward the human genius.
 Our future is greater than our past."  - Ben Okri.