Joshua Cole
Tech Entrepreneur
About Me

Hey I'm Josh, an award-winning tech entrepreneur based in London but born and bred in the sunny south-coast town of Portsmouth! 😊

I have a deep passion for technology. There are so many big problems still to solve and technology provides us with an amazing opportunity to do so. I strongly believe in using technology for good and improving peoples' quality of life 👍 — if there's a purpose to technological progress, it's that.

I love designing and building large-scale web applications using Node, Express, Mongo, React, Redux, ES2015 and Docker, but you'll also find me poking around with PHP, Ruby, Rails, MySQL and PostgreSQL from time-to-time!

More recently I've started to dabble in electronics and microchip programming, and have started teaching myself functional programming patterns to improve the quality and resilience of my code.

I'm also a passionate believer in protecting the environment. 🌍 Is climate change man-made or natural? Who cares! The fact is, it's happening, and we are responsible for fixing it. Climate change is simply too important to ignore.

I am...

  • an optimist.
  • a futurist.
  • a technologist.
  • a humanist.
  • a JavaScript application developer.
  • an atheist - why?
  • a free market capitalist.
  • a tea lover.
  • an animal lover.
  • a Creme Egg fiend.
  • a supporter of Universal Basic Income.
  • a blogger.
  • a gym-goer.
  • an ENTJ-T personality - more info

"Press forward the human genius.
 Our future is greater than our past."  - Ben Okri.